Vera Spiller was raised on classic Russian literature. She graduated from the university’s faculty of foreign languages, majoring in French and German, but her passion was for history, especially for history of the nineteenth century. She came to the US in 1993 and stayed then. In 2002, she became a US citizen. She is married, has two grown up children, and lives in Florida.


They were rich and powerful men in Russia who seemed to have everything. But it wasn’t enough for them. They conspired to replace the autocratic regime of Czar Alexander I by the codes of laws that resembled British or even American Constitution. The poet Pushkin was a friend of theirs. Their life of privilege ended after their failed attempt to establish free institutions in Russia. They caused the rebellion of several Imperial Guard Regiments, using the confusion and vacuum of power that followed Czar Alexander’s death. The uprising was ruthlessly suppressed. Some of them paid the ultimate price, while others were exiled in Siberia. Their friends remained loyal through good and bad times. Their beautiful women followed them to the earth’s end. They helped one another survive, including the younger generation that arrived there for punishment. Among them was the great writer Dostoyevsky. They returned victorious decades later. Leo Tolstoy tried twice to write a novel about them. In the end, he went to their origins and wrote War and Peace.


Vera Spiller did an amazing job in writing the book Pride and Punishment. The story has captivating and fascinating scenes that will definitely take us to a whole new level of imagination. Spiller can surely satisfy your thirst for historically and culturally based stories.

This book is definitely worth the readers’ time and attention. It is a long-read that anyone can enjoy because before you know it you are already on the last page of the book. And one of the many things that you will find fascinating in this literary piece is the author’s talent in character development. They are characters we can all fall in love with and support their aspirations in life as we cry with and for them as they continue to pursue a life free of oppression.

Aubrey Adams

I am reminded of the heroes we get to meet in our history subject. The heroes who fought by sword or quill. Some chose to shed blood, while others chose to educate through the literary form. Either way, these heroes faced the end of their lives at the hands of the oppressor. Death eventually knocked on their doorstep.

Pride and Punishment by Vera Spiller is a book about young brave men who dream of a better constitution for their beloved country, Russia. Their desire for freedom leads them to a path that is less taken. They want liberty and they hope for a new era when they are free as well as their country from the evil hands of oppression.

Christopher Griffin


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